honoring Native American heritage on Thanksgiving day

I grew up in a Mexican-Native household where Thanksgiving was not celebrated. Feasting on this day was a tradition I tried to adopt when my gringo husband and I first got married. But the more I worked on decolonizing myself, the more uncomfortable I became with it. A few years back we decided to forego celebrating Thanksgiving and began dispelling myths surrounding this holiday. Over time, I have really embraced my own Native American heritage and have been able to reclaim Thanksgiving in a whole new way.

Raher than avoiding it, I now use this holiday as a way to honor the Indigenous ancestry in me through foods. I skip the casseroles (I never did like them anyway) and choose traditional Native American dishes like tamales, succotash, wild rice, and wojapi sauce instead. We also dedicate the month of November to Native American studies and a nuanced history of the United States that includes Indigenous truths.

Native or not, we all owe many thanks to the people who first roamed the land, but our gratitude cannot end here. It is imperative that non-natives go beyond land acknowledgements and reading a few books once a year. We must become co-conspirators all year long by pledging our allyship through real action. I've created a printable Pledge for Indigenous Preservation, Honor, and Healing (shown below) Take the pledge to stand with Indigenous People and place your printed copy where you can see it daily, as a constant reminder. Download copy of this free printable HERE

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