Natureschooling + free printable nature cards

As a homeschool mom, I am passionate about raising children who are good stewards of our planet, beyond Earth Day. But in order to become mighty defenders of the Earth, our children must first learn to love her and experience the beauty she has to offer first hand. We do this holistically in our homeschool by taking hikes frequently, keeping nature journals, exploring the natural world around us, and living as sustainably as our big family of 7 possibly can

One of our favorite ways to be in nature is doing what we call Mindful Mornings. Right after breakfast, we head to our backyard to practice breathing exercises, say our daily affirmations, and write in our journals. On days when the weather is nice, our entire school day happens outdoors. This daily ritual helps us feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth, which in turn, helps develop a strong appreciation of our environment and its resources.

If connecting to the Earth resonates with you too, this free homeschool printable is for you! I've created a set of nature affirmation cards, perfect for use in forest schooling groups, as part of your nature study, or even as class mottos. Whatever way you choose to use them, I hope they help your little Earth defenders feel connected to the lovely miracle we call our planet. Download your free copy HERE and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and tag me so I can see how you use these in your homeschool