Celebrating Summer Solstice with kids

Summer solstice will occur on June 21st and marks the beginning of the summer season, though it has long felt like it arrived here in the south. The word solstice comes from the Latin words "sol" (sun) and "sistere" (to stand still) 

On this day, the sun rises and sets on its northern most point, causing it to be both the longest day and shortest night of the year. In some cultural folklore, summer solstice is believed to be a magically charged day when witches and fae abound.

Gathering as a family on the first day of summer to create magical traditions, is something we enjoy each year. Here are some of our favorite ways you can make the most of this summer solstice.

  • Learn about the seasons using my FREE Seasons three part cards (shown above)
  • Watch this video to learn about summer solstice
  • Brew sun tea
  • Make shadow art
  • Eat outdoors, if the weather allows
  • Make a sundial
  • Watch the sunset
  • Make lanterns
  • Build a fire and roast marshmallows
  • Paint sun rocks
Directions and tutorials for these activities can be found on my Summer Solstice board on Pinterest.

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