Día de los Muertos

Día de Muertos is the Mexican festival for the dead, celebrated from October 31st thru November 2nd, though most families begin their preparations several days earlier. The holiday is a way to remember loved ones who have died, but it isn't a holiday of mourning. Día de Muertos is a lively celebration and like any good Mexican fiesta, it's filled with colorful decorations, delicious food, music, and even dancing. Families get together to decorate the graves of their relatives with flowers and candles. Many build altars with photographs, called ofrendas, in their homes to honor those who have passed. In addition, bakeries make a special bread called pan de muerto. People also eat candies and sweets shaped like skeletons, skulls, and other symbols of death. For Mexicans, Day of the Dead is a cultural celebration that connects us to our Indigenous ancestry, keeps tradition alive, but most importantly, it strengthens family ties.

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